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Read the incredible and heartbreaking  stories of Jehovahs Witness children and adults who have survived abuse, domestic violence and shunning as a result of Watchtower Society policies.
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Abuse Stories
Success Stories
WTS letters to victims
About this site
Here you will find a collection of stories from people who have survived situations of abuse within the Jehovahs Witness religion, at the hands of Jehovahs Witnesses.
SInce the Australian Royal Commission discovered 1006 Jehovahs Witness child abusers who had never been reported to the police, and in many cases were still free to engage in congregation activities without the other congregants knowing, there has been a flood of people coming forward with their own terrible stories of abuse while they were children in the Jehovahs Witness religion.

Most cases have gone unreported because of the Jehovahs Witness rule of not taking a brother to court. Many survivors have never been heard, listened to or believed.

This website is the chance for anyone to report their story, anonymously or otherwise, and to gain strength from the fact that they are not alone.
This website also contains letters written from the Watchtower Society to the survivors in response to their earnest pleas for help and justice. Read how the Watchtower Society deals with victims of child sexual abuse, in the absence of allowing them to report theis cases to the police.
The purpose of this website is:
  •  To provide survivors with a safe space to be heard
  •  To give survivors the opportunity to be listened to and believed
  •  To help victims find their voice by reading the stories of others
  •  To provide links for people who may wish to report their abuse
  •  To show the truth about Watchtower Society practise and policy
  •  To help current Jehovahs Witnesses make informed choices
  •  To validate the choices of former Jehovahs Witnesses

Letters from the Watchtower Society to survivors

Here you can read the letters that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have sent to survivors in response to their pleas for help and justice. Read the WTS letters to child abuse survivors.
To add your story
You can add your story to this site anonymously by clicking on the 'contact' button at the top of the site.

You do not have to have reported to the police, and you will not be pressured to do so.

You will be heard and believed. Your story and personal information will not be shared beyond this website without your express permission.

You are free to edit, change or remove any details at a later date if you wish to do so.

This site does not accept  comments undeneath individual stories, due to the sensitive nature of information being shared by contributors.
Guidelines for submitting your stories:
  •  Indicate clearly if you wish to remain anonymous
  •  Use pseudonyms for names and places
  •  Do not name the abuser unless already named by the media
  •  Do not name the elders involved in your case 
  •  Only share what you are comfortable with
  •  Keep descriptions within the usual parameters of decency
  •  Contact us if, at a later date, you feel uncomfortable at what you have shared. We can agree to change or delete details.